Who We Are

GW Clothing Co. is a menswear brandĀ created by Khoi Nguyen, theĀ founder ofĀ Gentleman Within, an online men's fashion and lifestyle publication launched in 2016.

What started as a men's style blog, offering approachable and practical style advice has evolved into a community of stylish and successful men, striving to be great in all that they do.

It's Khoi's hope that his new brand can serve as an extension of the gent within all of us ā€” to help men level up their style and ultimately be their most confident and best selves.

A quick note from Khoi, the founder of Gentleman Within:

My style journeyĀ began a little over a decade ago, when I started getting serious about my personal style and dressing better.

It all started with a cheap polyester, navy knit tie from eBay that I still have till this day. I loved wearing knitsĀ so much at that time, and I always felt that knit ties were more stylish and fashion forward than standard ties; the perfect smart casual accessory.

For me, the knit tie was the beginning. Every time I wore it, I loved what I saw in the mirror. And in turn, so did others. While the compliments are always nice, what mattered most was how it made me feel more confident in myself.

And now, I'm proud as ever to have launched GW Clothing Co. and my Knit Tie Collection, inspired by my foray into this men's style game.Ā It's magical how weĀ can circle back to where it all began. šŸ’«